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-- is now available.

To watch this half-hour show right NOW on our YouTube channel, click logo at left.
  (NOTE: Only the pilot show is available on our YouTube channel.  To watch our latest episodes (when available), you must tune in to one or more of the outlets below.)

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- TV Broadcast Schedule -
Here's where you can watch our rapidly-rising TV show on Internet TV Networks
broadcasting worldwide and on local, over-the-air TV stations nationwide.
(Note: The schedule below is current as of 12/1/17 and is expected to grow)

* This show can be viewed on television sets in 19,354 cities in the USA and in many other cities around the world with ROKU.  See each Internet TV Network below for info on how to get ROKU.

Computers, cell phones and more
* This show can also be viewed by millions worldwide using their computer, cell phone, lap top, notebook or tablet.  See each Internet TV Network below for their Internet streaming schedule and to download their mobile app.

Internet TV Networks based in the USA (alphabetically)
* All Nations TV  /  www.allnationstv.com  /  Sun @ 4 pm ET, Mon @ 10 pm ET, Tue @ 4 am ET, and Wed @ 10 am ET
* Sent Television Gospel Network (STGN)  /  www.stgn.com  /  Sun @ 6 pm ET (and more)

Internet TV Networks based in other countries (alphabetically)
* Zoe Music Television (United Kingdom-based, all-Christian TV network  /  (begins in 2018)

Over-the-air TV Stations based in the USA
* Fresno  /  STGN-49  /  Sun @ 6 pm ET

* Jacksonville  /  STGN-49  /  Sun @ 6 pm ET
* Palatka  /  STGN-49  /  Sun @ 6 pm ET

* Gainesville  /  STGN-49  /  Sun @ 6 pm ET

If you are a TV broadcaster interested in carrying this show, call us
at 305.234.8689 or send email to top30@gospelusamagazine.com.

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